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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Here is a look a the brushes and tools that I use to apply my foundation, powder, contour, and highlight.

I normally don't wear much makeup or any makeup at all. I received the Real Technique brushes and makeup sponge for Christmas. I have used all of these brushes enough times to give a review of them and give my personal thoughts about them. 

Miracle Complexion Sponge
What I Love About It: This sponge is amazing. I have seen many people say that these are the perfect substitute if you don't want to spend more money on buying a Beauty Blender. This complexion sponge does a great job of applying my foundation evenly and without streaks. I only use a little bit of foundation and it does an amazing job on evenly distributing the product all over my face and down my neck.

What I Dislike About It: This sponge can soak up the foundation and may cause you to use more than you usually would. I have noticed this and I doesn't bother me that much because the foundation I use is not crazy expensive. If I used a high-end foundation this would be a big deal breaker for me. If I was paying significantly more for a foundation, I would want to use as much of it as I can and try not to waste anything. 

Buffing Brush
What I Love About It: This brush is perfect for smoothing out streaks and buffing out the edges of your face to make sure you foundations blends into your hair and neckline seamlessly.

What I Dislike ABout It: I have not complaints with this brush! It does everything its suppose to do. Its soft and the bristles are not too dense but dense enough.

Square  Foundation Brush
What I Love About It: This brush is perfect for when I decide to apply more foundation for a more medium to full coverage look. I love the shape of the brush because the corners allow for me to get into the creases of my nose. 

What I Dislike About It: I wish that the brush was a little more multi-functional. The brush is way too big to be used as an eyeshadow brush or to be used to outline my brows in concealer. Overall though this is a fantastic brush!

Contour Brush
What I Love About It: This brush is perfect to use to contour my face. It can be used to blend out both cream and powder foundation. I love the feeling of this brush. It's fluffy and does an amazing job making my contour look seamless and blended out.

What I Dislike About It: Absolutely nothing! I love this brush and it does its job wonderfully!

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