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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I love painting my toenails, especially in the summer. My only problem is that I never wear shoes and when I do I wear my chacos. My feet are in pretty rough shape and I use toenail polish to help distract from the monstrosity that my feet are. I want my toenail polish to withstand the test of time and I have finally found my holy grail. Sally Hansen miracle gel nail polish is my go to because you get salon quality gel polish at the fraction of the salon price. It is a two-step process with no base coat required. First, you pick your color(the miracle gel line has an amazing color line up) apply two coats finish with the top coat and your done. The top coat is the black bottle with the white top. The toenail polish stays perfect and the only time I have to redo them is when my toenail starts to grow and my natural nail is too noticeable. I love all Sally Hansen nail polish and my second favorite would be their quick dry line. I prefer miracle gel because of the longevity and because it really looks and feel like a gel manicure and that is thanks to the thicker polish formula. You can find these polishes almost anywhere. I like to buy mine at target where you can get the top coat and polish bundled together for a lower price than buying them separately.

Here are my favorite colors to use:

256-Throwing Shade

130-How Nude

140- Tan-acious

639-Sugar Fix

101-Top Coat

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